Lawn Mowing

Regular lawn mowing all year round promotes healthy regrowth and helps to keep weeds at bay. Your lawn mowing contractor should be able to provide advice on all facets of lawn care. Members of the Lawnmowing Contractors Association of WA Inc are scrutinized by their peers and bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the industry.

The current situation with water restrictions here in Western Australia make it more important than ever to look after your lawn and get maximum benefit from the water you apply to it.

Although certain types of grass require slightly different methods of care, the following can be applied in general to all lawn types planted in Western Australia.

Fertlization is vital if grass is to survive the winter months and thrive in the growing period of spring through to autumn. Little and often is the key to a good fertilization regime, it is useless to buy a bag of fertilizer once or twice a year and apply it all at once.

The letters NPK are usually seen on bags of fertilizer, the N refers to nitrogen, the P phosphorus to and the K to potassium. Some fertilizers state how much of each element is in the mix. Nitrogen promotes green growth, lawn fertilizers are generally higher in nitrogen that in any other element. Potassium is essential for fruit and seed growth but it is also beneficial to grass, especially at the onset of winter as it increases hardiness and aids in disease resistance . Phosphorus, like the previous two elements, is sadly lacking in WA soils, it is needed in large quantities by all growing plants, particularly for cell development and root growth. There are other trace elements essential to a good lawn and these should be present (albeit in minute quantities) in all good lawn fertilizers.

Watering is of course essential to the survival of lawns. Watering must be managed correctly to enable the lawn to thrive in Western Australian summer conditions. The lawn needs 10 millilitres of water at least twice a week, the amount of time sprinklers need to be to achieve the 10 ml varies greatly. It is recommended that you visit the Water Corporation’s website where comprehensive watering times using different sprinkler types is covered.